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  • Regulatory Compliance Lead

    • Draw up implementation plan for meeting each of the Reg compliance as governed by the Compliance Department of the bank
    • Ability to advise and be part of System selection process for meeting Regulatory compliance

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  • Lead for Security and Regulatory Risk

    • Protects system by defining access privileges, control structures, and resources.
    • Recognizes problems by identifying abnormalities; reporting violations.
    • Implements security improvements by assessing current situation; evaluating trends; anticipating requirements.
    • Determines security violations and inefficiencies by conducting periodic audits.
    • Upgrades system by implementing and maintaining security controls.
    • Keeps users informed by preparing performance reports; communicating system status.

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  • Head of Global Marketing

    • Support the delivery of company’s strategy on new markets, working in close contact with company’s top managers and the global sales team • Build a global marketing team; set processes on a technological footing with regard to product, industry and regional vertical integration; synchronise with company regional specialists • Develop targeted materials and campaigns, enhance the value of messages and the effectiveness of their delivery by proactively working with threat intelligence and product teams, by collecting and processing feedback from customers, sellers and PR • Support account managers and partners (smart localisation and convenient delivery of marketing materials, coaching, feedback collection and processing, analytical support) • Plan and budget offline and online marketing activities, with transparent evaluation criteria • Establish and develop relations with industry analysts, specialist organisations and market experts.

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  • Java-разработчик

    • Разработка серверной части приложения
    • Осуществление 3-й линии поддержки
    • Участие в проработке архитектуры задачи
    • Взаимодействие с аналитиками, тестировщиками и смежными командами

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  • Asp.Net разработчик

    • Участие в полном цикле проекта: сбор требований, проработка архитектуры, разработка, тестирование, поддержка;
    • Разработка архитектуры систем, состава и структуры компонентов Разработка ключевых системных модулей, программных интерфейсов, UI;
    • Проектирование и разработка автоматических тестов;

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