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  • SME - Video Production and Distribution

    • Collaborate with sales and pre-sales teams, as well as with management of M&E vertical to ensure appropriate industry knowledge management and knowledge transfer; • Help in vertical brand- and offering-building inside and outside the Luxoft; • Actively participate in pre-sale process, driving the industry expertise showcases for potential clients and supporting the RFI/RFP/Proposal preparation activities; • Develop and drive collaboration with partners to deliver comprehensive solutions for M&E industry clients; • Lead the M&E architecture discussions and operations optimizations where applicable; • Supervise the delivery for key engagements in M&E vertical; • Explore new opportunities for M&A within the vertical, participate in due diligence; • Be a company face on industry-wide events across the globe;

  • Senior Delivery Manager

    • Management: building organizations, identifying people for key roles, setting goals, dealing with all org. aspects (sales, delivery, HR, ops etc)
    • Customer focus: ability to establish communications and strong relationship with senior internal and external stakeholders, attracting new business
    • Help creating project and program budgets, submit periodic forecasts
    • Ensure delivery within defined parameters: scope, quality, cost, timeline
    • Build project wider management team (PM, Team Lead, etc)
    • Ensure close and constant monitoring of customer satisfaction
    • Provide reporting
    • Perform staff risk management, performance reviews, regular personnel appraisals, evaluations
    • Drive implementation of key processes across teams (requirements and change management, acceptance criterion, continuous integration, delivery quality standards, fine tuning to agile approach)
    • Ensuring sharing of best practices/business domain knowledge/exploiting synergies between teams
    • Identifying infrastructure issues, other inefficiencies in the environment and drive solutions
    • Helps with final interviews and assist with new-hire activities

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  • Разработчик Oracle Siebel CRM

    • Поддержка, сопровождение и доработка CRM-решений на базе Oracle Siebel CRM
    • Работа с инцидентами и проблемами
    • Оптимизация производительности системы, анализ ошибок и сбоев
    • Тестирование решения (Функциональное и Интеграционное)
    • Участие во встречах с подрядчиками, бизнес заказчиками
    • Подготовка и актуализация технической документации

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  • Senior Application Developer

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  • Тестеровщик по нагрузочному тестированию

    • Выработка подхода к внедрению практики нагрузочного тестирования на проекте
    • Проведение нагрузочных испытаний ПО (веб-приложения, API взаимодействий) на соответствие требованиям производительности
    • Разработка и поддержка сценариев испытаний, подготовка тестовых данных
    • Анализ результатов нагрузочного тестирования
    • Взаимодействие с командами разработки и тестирования

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